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  1. Indigenous theologians' reflections on the WCC 10th Assembly theme — World Council of Churches
  2. The Role of Garrison in Society
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And because personal CSS is last, whatever you put there always overrides the local wiki's choices. It also critically means that if you're importing CSS or fonts — and your wiki has both Common. If you want to simplify your wiki's CSS, you can graft the contents of Common. But you need to observe load order fundamentals when you do. Follow t…. Which Commander has your favorite special skill? What about Eileen Nearne, whose Radio Paris forces an enemy unit to attack his own men for several rounds? Ronald Speirs is particularly fearsome with his Deadly Gift which goes deep into enemy lines and deals a great deal of damage.

But what these special skills could be improved upon even further?

Unity - Import Real World Terrain (Unity 2018 Tutorial)

Introducing Relic Skills! Now your Commanders can research and improve upon their skills and further add to their destructive might! Collect blueprints from fallen enemies in Headhunters. Gather additional rese…. In times of war, you need every single advantage you can get. Never underestimate your enemy, and never forsake an opportunity to gain the edge on your foes. These are the basics for any general marching forth into the fogs of war! Liberators is proud to announce another two new features to help get your commanders in the best possible shape: Commander Stones and War Stones!

Commander Stones are to be equipped by a commander to increase a specific stat. Different stones give your Commanders different tactical edges. The Quarry is where industrious commanders can use what's under…. What should you do when your Commanders have reached the pinnacle of their military career? What happens when your veteran army is composed of learned leaders with no room left on the ladder of official recognition? Now the men and women who have served long diligently under your command have a new level to which to aspire.

Introducing the Propaganda system, in which your Commanders can spread their influence throughout the newly liberated lands, increasing their military prestige and prowess on the battlefield. Despite the tremendous sacrifice and enormous bravery demonstrated by the greatest of soldiers, it remains true that no man can win a war alone. The best and brightest in uniform are most efficient when working together as a well oiled machine, borrowing the strengths and compensating for the weaknesses of one another.

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Part of a soldier's training is understanding the men and women in uniform that fight at one's side. And when one is fortunate enough to find another soldier with whom one has special chemistry, exploit it to bring your enemies to their knees! Introducing a brand new function that will allow your vets to do just that!

Now on engage your Commanders in Unity! Collect all commanders in different section to activate a special buf…. Melding together some of the finest minds and most able bodies, Task Forces were an integral part of the war.

Arranging the perfect Task Force is all about synergy, skills, and focusing on a common objective. Task Forces, when executed properly, were beneficial to everyone who was a part of them. Task Forces have now found their way into Liberators! Accessible through the Commander menu, Task Forces are predetermined teams with stat boosts available for everyone. Chief Commanders are denoted by the gold emblem next to their face in the Commander menu. Enter the Task Force interface to be greeted by the Chief Commander and their four aides.

And what fun is a free online World War II game without massively powerful tanks? Introducing the Steel Mill! A great new addition to your base that allows you to mine raw materials, build tanks, and unleash fury on your foes!

Indigenous theologians' reflections on the WCC 10th Assembly theme — World Council of Churches

At the Mineral Ore Mine, you can participate in a mining mini-game where you acquire rare metals and Tank debris that can be used to …. Introducing Enhance! Another new feature that should help you boost your stats up where it really counts — PvP matches. Starting at level 35, you will gain access to the Defense HQ in your base. The Defense HQ allows you to play Skirmish mode, where you can raid the bases of other players and steal a very valuable item — trophies! With the addition of the Defense HQ, you will find that a new Commander tab has become available to you — the Enhance tab.

Using trophies as currency, the Enhance tab will give you the option to increase the stats of your commanders, but only for PvP game modes!

The Role of Garrison in Society

For high-level Generals, however, this could lead to complications — needs for more gold, supplies, badges, and training manuals, just to get your Commander on their feet! Introducing Rank Transfer — the all-new system in Liberators which allows you to move Commanders up the ranks fast.

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  8. Accessed via the Commander menu, Rank Transfer will allow the player to select a high-level Commander and transfer their training to a new Commander. This feature is available to players level 75 and…. Many of the battles in Liberators features teams of generals uniting to defeat a common enemy, or battles where they face their opponent directly, in 1 vs 1 combat. But what would happen if many generals find themselves in a battle royal stage where only one can survive?

    In this game mode, 20 players will fight each other in a single battle. The last player standing will win the round.

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    Players will be able to deploy 6 commanders before each battle. As soon as the battle starts, the 20 players will be parachuted into one random spot on the map. You should start to scavenge for equipment that will boost your stats in the battle. In the frenetic world of Liberators, each and every one of your commanders can be pushed to overcome their limits based on level and rank, making them incarnations of war.

    The options to improve each commander are plenty and with great variety, so even the most veteran can feel lost at times trying to find or remember all. In these series of guides, we will explore all the possibilities for upgrading and boosting each commander. Most of these are found in the commander Section and its Tabs.

    Families and friends gather and join for celebration and a feast. The same happening in your base, with soldiers stopping the fight for a night of festivity. To achieve this you can put together 3 badges of the same color and star level. When you do it, such badge will merge and upgrade its start level. Click the badge you don't want to make it disappear. Players have one free try per day that will end when the actions are used.

    Additional chances can be purchased using War Bonds. Those who achieve victory will find rewards like Puzzle Maps, Parchments, Ink, and Pen, or several levels. The greatest multiplayer army game of the year has just gotten a little hotter! Play online for free today!

    Many find their Ordnance Boxes just getting dust into their inventories, just waiting and not being able to use the well-earned resource. In the frenetic world of Liberators, each and every one of your commanders can be pushed to overcomes their limits based on level and rank, making them incarnations of war.

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