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All bold text mine. That groundswell of populist progressivism resulted in a lot of people using the accusations of isms and obias as cudgels to substantiate their malformed arguments. Online messaging such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook favours one- to three-sentence accusations and assertions. The identity politics you dislike so much was used to far greater effect by the centrist candidate, Clinton. It played well among the faithful but nowhere else.

Another obvious takeaway is that it is the upper economic echelons and their political flunkies, not the electorate, that considers New New Deal politics to be a non-starter.

Sanders did way better than he was supposed to do and explaining it away as sexism is an easy out. Before Peak Wokeness was reached, there was a highly popular international movement to address widening income inequality and the worst excesses of casino capitalism. The appeal to fairness and democracy — that ninety-nine votes should win out over one — is baked right in.

The new definition of privilege redirects that anger at the nice lady selling hand-knit sweaters on Instagram. The current accepted wisdom among centrist Democrats is that the ideal candidate should check some important identity boxes and excel at fundraising. Anybody who points out that they are taking money from the industries they propose to regulate can be shouted down as merely bigoted. Recent history suggests that this approach may have disappointing results at the ballot box. Reading post-Occupy punditry, I find a common complaint of the movement was its lack of intersectionality.

Thinking about, I reckon Black Lives Matter was the catalyst for a lot of the other agitprop. The transsexual lavatory access movement also rose to prominence at the same time. Glenn Greenwald provides an interesting analysis. Racism trumps sexism, it appears.

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It appears to me Ms Templer was subjected to a criticism-self-criticism CSC session to keep members unflinchingly wed to the correct line. She was simply a target of opportunity and they opportunist struck. By targeting and isolating one individual, the participants come together and reaffirm bonds with each other by performing rituals of denunciation. These CSC events are part political trial, part hazing, part shock therapy, part exorcism, and part brainwashing. The militant leftist prefers violent revolution to democratic action, and if it takes millions of deaths to bring communism to East Germany, so be it.

Discussing the achievements of revolutionary comrades, Rader concedes politically there have been few, but culturally, such as in the arts, there have been many. Which means we have a greater tolerance for ideas of liquidating a class and so on. I want revolution to come. The thrust of the left is against reason. This isolates the revolutionary core.

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This conversation was held in I noticed it as well. Everything was getting jacked up. There were protests in many places, the general attitude was one of division, chaos, and then people began being bullied online and labeled as racists, nativists, xenophobes, and worse. This is where I also noticed how violent, and obnoxious it all was going. Then the election happened and they went berserk and put all their energy into labeling anyone and everyone who was not outraged by Trumps election as misogynistic, racists, white supremacists, fascists, it goes on and on. However, what has happened as well is beyond their occasional rallies, the turmoil that was on the rise has been abated for the most part.

We are seeing less, though even one wrongly accused is too many, of those poor people who made a marginal or counter comments on social media who were fired and publicly vilified. I would not be surprised if the money funding these groups to cause social disruption has dwindled or no longer part of the past administration.

As seen in this article as well, the left likes to eat their own because they do not know who they are really castigating. Thereby alienating so many liberals who no longer want to associate with their magical thinking of where and what society is going. Even those inexperienced new congressional reps who are desperately trying to make a name for themselves are being taken to task for their naive programs as well as their own racist and bullying antics.

I hope that the democrats continue to sink their own boats until they come to realize that you cannot legislate human behavior. Precisely my point.

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Intersectionalism spelled the end to a popular economic justice movement within the Left. Not just because adhering to intersectionalist rules knee-caps any movement —you try holding meetings and setting an agenda when everybody present is allowed to speak as long as they feel like — but because it precludes the very notion of unifying disparate demographics, through its insistence that it is the differences among disparate groups and not the commonalities that are definitive. You obviously have plenty to say about what you view as a rush to Bolshevik-style Communism.

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My point is that these kinds of identity-based mobbing tactics are not associated with any particular economic outlook. And they undercut any leftward movement in the Democratic Party on economic issues, because they take the focus off of economic justice and move it to a more nebulous intersectional definition of social justice which is by its nature is Balkanizing.

These tactics effectively hamstring any movement in which they take hold. Another reason being Woke is a good fit for the more affluent, middle-of-the-road Democrats, is because it requires mostly symbolic gestures. All that talk of reining in the One Percent was making them really nervous, and they prefer this conversation to that one.

And we know for a fact that, for example, when Russian trolls want to keep Democrats from showing up to vote, hammering away at the same old demographic fissures is a favorite tactic, presumably because it works like a charm. It was much earlier for me. It was completely unhinged. The reason I stumbled across it was because I had been arguing with feminists on line, and had round that their arguments were highly religious. By this I mean they were based on assumptions and precepts that were not to be questioned, they argued as though they were an obvious truth rather than a rational position, and used moral denunciation rather than objective reason to put forward their ideas.

So U could tell something was wrong back then. Forward two years and Gamergate happens. The progressives make a bid for power and declare they have the right to determine what is moral in gaming. They do this by racist, sexists, assholes, who are disturbingly unaware of their own moral flaws. Try explaining all this to the old ladies knitting blankets for the prem babies at their local hospitals or the excited grandmother to be making something cosy for a new arrival.

I learned how to knit from my mother who learned from hers and all we ever wanted to do was make something useful or warm. We never realised that we were using our white privelege to lord it over minorities AND be cruel to sheep. Heaven forfend. How wicked we were! Everything is Racist.

13 Best Knits for Men images | Sweaters, Men, Men sweater

Everything is Homophobic. And you have to point it all out. Crochet is next. I am guilty of crochet racism. I like to crochet doilies and lace and am ashamed to admit I prefer to make these thing with -gasp! Modern knitting is a European invention. What the oppressed do should be interpreted and treated differently from the the deeds of oppressors.

The former must, after all, be strengthened at the expense of latter if true equity is to be reached. Knitting is a vile practice thats termination is long past due. Knitting requires yarn produced from factory farmed sheep. These sheep are often maintained in small pens.

Knit Men & Womens Outing Driving Gloves Knitting Pattern

At shearing time the sheep are held down against their will and stripped bare, think rape culture. Sheep farming is largely a practice of white European culture, practiced heavily in Ireland and Scotland. This sheep herding was spread by colonizers to places like Australia. Some native Americans were displaced by sheep farming. Whites have appropriated sheep as a sign of weakness for centuries. Any hobby reliant upon the practice of sheep farming should be abolished by force of law. Templer should have apologized. Even the Bible speaks of shearing sheep King David began his life as a shepherd as sheep shearing began about 3, years ago.

So, nice try at white guilting; it appears you should also be kicked in the ass for spreading misinformation. My echo chamber reverberates which the language most of you find offensive. Yours here is what I find offensive. I can see the problem with equating India with another planet, that was the original criticism with what was said. And, things piled on from there. There was a lot of piling on Karen Templer and, a lot of piling on in defense of her. If only we lived in a world where these two sides, rather than communicating rather insightful, passionate, erroneous and hurtful thoughts could use this platform to actually create a world that provide justice and equity.